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What Is The Main Cause Of Back Pain?

There is something thrilling about speaking to someone at the absolute top of their field and asking them their opinion of something in their field. You know that the answer you are getting is not available in any book, because it is born out of sheer experience, and is closer to the truth than anything else you will ever find.

So what about back pain then? What do the legends at the top of their field say about resolving back pain?

Sometimes things are far more simpler than we can believe. We can spend a whole lifetime looking for the magic cure to our back pain, and then discover that the answer was the simplest one that we were told the very first day we got back pain.

I realised this when I recently interviewed our very own John Baker, an osteopath of 30 years experience, after treating thousands of back pain patients, and asked him the question “What is the main cause of back pain?”.

His answer will surprise you. Watch his video here:


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