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You matter now more than ever!

Self-care is now more important than ever before. So my mantra for the month is:

“Self-care is not a luxury, it is a necessity”

Anything we can do to strengthen our immune systems right now should be our absolute focus. Immune boosting supplements are a key part in this. I will admit, I am a supplement junkie… always mixing it up and working with my body’s changing needs. Many people question the need for supplements, believing that we can achieve RDA from a good balanced diet.

However, I was taught at university that 50 years ago it was possible to get all the nutrition we need from our vegetables, but now, our soils have been so over farmed and leached of nutrients that our bodies struggle to achieve RDA requirements from our food. Interestingly, if you lived in India, you could live on carrots and potatoes and receive all the nutrients you need, because their soils are so rich. So for me, supplementing has always been an important part of my healthcare routine.

If you want to supplement, it is important to take supplements that are easily absorbed by the body, otherwise it’s a pretty pointless exercise and you will be wasting your money. (in my opinion J ). There’s a phenomena called “Sewer Vitamin Mountains”… whereby vitamin tablets are piling up in sewage plants. This is because they are cheap vitamins that pass straight through the body without being absorbed. Don’t fall into this trap! It is false economy, and you deserve the best!

I recommend a company called Biocare at any opportunity because their products are of such high quality, and I always feel different immediately.

I’m loving Biocare’s Immune Intensive powder at the moment. If like me, you get tired of swallowing tablets, this is in powder form, so a quick swish of the spoon in a glass of water and Bob’s your uncle!

I’m also loving their Liposomal Vitamin C product – optimised for absorption.

And while we are on the immune boosting supplements wagon…. Don’t forget to take a high quality Vitamin D supplement…

If you want to try Biocare’s products, you can receive a 15% discount using my referral code: P11186


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