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I suffer from chronic pain and health problems and have done for the
last 20 years.
It has been called different things ME, Post Viral Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue.    


You can call it what you like but pain, exhaustion are two things I live with on a daily basis. During our first lockdown, my back was lousy - no treatment to be had so I started to look on-line for things that would help.


I stumbled across Coby's website and read her Mum's story. This resonated with me and my experience of pain. I purchased a pot, liked it so much purchased four more and now I won't be without it. This works like nothing else does and I am a fan. My pain has not gone away but when it gets cranky this really helps and fast, which reduces my stress levels, the less stress I am in the better the rest of my symptoms are.  


If you ask why I don't take painkillers  the answer is simple I used to take them like smarties and eventually realised that I was taking more and more and was getting less and less pain relief from them. It got to the point that they simply were not working anymore. I knew the side effects of painkillers and realised that there was no point in taking them, if they were not helping, so I stopped taking them. I still needed relief and Soothe Cream thankfully is now part of managing my condition.



Hey Coby, just received your cream, thank you. I love the natural ingredients and find using it as a preventive measure is awesome. Thanks! 



Although I'm not quite as young as I used to be, I still enjoy competing at a decent level of tennis. Applying your Soothe Cream definitely helps me recover faster and takes away my shoulder aches and pains. Love it! 


Hi, I have been using your product for a couple of years now and I think it is excellent! I always use it after a long run.


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I no longer wake with tension headaches after using Soothe Cream before going to sleep. Thank you.


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If you suffer with pain and discomfort caused by bruising, sprains, or aching muscles, then try Soothe Cream. 


Designed by Nature, created with love.

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