Pain can strike at any time... 
What if help could always be on hand? 

Try Soothe Cream.

Powerful Pain Relief... Naturally...

Soothe Cream

By Coby Langford

Do you suffer with pain and
   discomfort caused by bruising,

   sprains, or swollen joints? 

Or from inflammation, tissue
   injuries or muscle spasms? 

Maybe you choose to avoid or
   minimise taking paracetamol,

   ibuprofen or diazepam?

About Soothe Cream

Soothe Arnica Relief Cream by Coby Langford is the solution to getting rid of your annoying aches and pains safely and naturally.  

Targeting the 3 main causes of pain, this cream is an absolute all-rounder. Whether your pain is due to inflammation, muscle spasm, or tissue injury, you will find one of the ingredients in this cream will provide you with some relief.*

The 100% natural Soothe Fast-Acting Cream includes ingredients known to be powerful anesthetic and anti-inflammatory pain relievers, as well as muscle relaxants and tissue healers.

Extracts from plants such as Wintergreen, Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot and the incredible tissue-healing Arnica are all combined in exact specifications to bring maximum relief, quickly and harmlessly.

*Soothe Cream has not been proven to provide pain relief but it's ingredients have.


The Science Behind Soothe Cream

There are 3 routes to musculoskeletal pain relief:

1. Anesthetic (numbing the nerve)

2. Anti-inflammatory

3. Anti-muscle spasm


Traditional ways to relieve pain:

Natural ways to relieve pain:

Soothe Cream 'Magic' Ingredients


The Soothe Story...


Created by Coby Langford, UK Registered Osteopath, Naturopath and Elite Athletes Yoga Coach.

When her mother contracted cancer and started to reduce her pain medications due to side effects, Coby was faced with the impossible situation of finding natural pain relief options to help her with chronic pain. 

Her journey of research and investigations led her to make her own product as she couldn't find anything that would provide enough relief.

How to use Soothe Cream

Soothe cream is designed to be quickly absorbed to increase the speed of relief. Once absorbed, you can apply again as often as you want. Each time you apply the cream, you increase the concentration of the ingredients in your tissues, accelerating and prolonging the relief response. 


The ingredients will take effect first on the muscles, and then your joints a little later as the ingredients penetrate deeper through your tissues. Soothe Cream is non-toxic so you cannot 'overdose'. You are free to use it as often as you wish. It will not interact with any other medication you are taking.



  • Neck Pain & Tension headaches:
    Apply cream to the neck and shoulder muscles before sleep to reduce muscle tension over night. Patients report they no longer wake with tension headaches or neck pain when using Soothe Cream in this way.

  • Back Pain:
    Apply to pain as often as required

  • Joint Pain:
    Apply to joint as often as required

  • Injuries:
    Apply as often as you like throughout injury recovery. It is advised not to apply it to open wounds.

  • Athletes:
    Apply before and after training to reduce post-training pain and speed up injury recovery



Many people like to use Soothe Cream before an activity they expect may result in pain: eg sport, running, gardening, a day at your desk, a long drive or a day when you will be lifting heavy items. The reason is that the ingredients relax the muscles, reducing muscle tension and inflammation, making it less likely for you to injure, strain or inflame your tissues. 


Soothe Cream Testimonials


I no longer wake with tension headaches after using Soothe Cream before going to sleep


 I think that your Arnica Soothe cream is like a miracle in easing pain


My Dad says Soothe Cream is the only product that helps the pain of gout in his feet


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