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Let’s beat this back pain

When I first rode a bike without stabilisers - down by Whistly River - the sound of cheering from my mum & dad, my hair whistling in the wind, the encouraging sound of ‘fall off, fall off’ from my brother - who still had a bandaged foot from his failed attempt the previous Saturday.

I still remember the feeling of elation that I was still upright and hadn’t introduced my nose to the hedgerow as had been my previous experience so many times before. I was expecting to fall off at any moment... but... I didn’t. Instead I kept going... and never fell off, ever, ever ever again in my life.

That is was it’s like when you find the right exercises program for your back pain. The pain disappears, and you keep expecting it to come back, you live with fear, in-trepidation, security built pessimism for the purpose of survival, but it doesn’t.

Here’s the part of the plot I have never understood...

And then, just like that, you forget you ever had back pain. And stop doing your exercises. The pain returns. Pessimism returns.

“I knew exercises wouldn’t work. Don’t know why I bothered. Bloody liars.”

You reach for the pain killers and watch your life’s slow decline into what you can and can’t do with your day because of your back pain.

But you forgot one thing: Your back pain came back because you stopped doing your exercise program.

It’s an enigma to me. A total and utter enigma. As an osteopath I have watched this story unfold like a beautiful flower, over and over again. I feel like someone dressed in bright yellow, sat by the roadside next to a big pot hole, holding a big sign that says “POTHOLE - PLEASE DRIVE AROUND” and watching car after car ditch themselves in the hole.

So to conclude this little chat about back pain, I would like to say - you don’t have to live with back pain. Just like you don’t fall off your bike any more, you can eliminate back pain from your life.

You just need to do the right set of exercises. To get you started and back to a base line of core stability and balanced, strong, flexible muscles, I recommend our 6 week back pain program.

Click here to see our 6 week beat back pain program.

Don’t quit. Don’t give up. Get your pain free life back.


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