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Life is supposed to be awesome. 
Life is supposed to be full of fun and adventure. And then back pain. happens. Or neck pain. Or headaches. Or discs prolapse. Life can be tough on your body. But your body is tough too...

A few tweaks to your lifestyle, exercise program, desk set-up, mattress choice, and much much more can quite literally revolutionise your life. Watch our introduction video below.

Soothe Clinic is an online Osteopathic Clinic.

Your one stop shop for everything osteopathic and pain - relief - related. We aim to answer all the questions you would ask an Osteopath - without you having to leave your home. Here at Soothe we believe you should only live with pain if you really have no other options. Let us help you figure out what your options are. Watch Coby Langford in the introduction video above.

7 Secrets

Free Online Course

  • Are You Tired Of Living With Back Pain?

  • Do You Need Answers?

  • Is Life Becoming Too Hard?

  • Do Back Spasms Control Your Life?

  • Do You Plan Your Life In Pencil?

  • Do You Long To Be Able To Move Normally?

In this FREE VIDEO TRAINING SERIES, Elite athlete’s osteopath Coby Langford reveals to you 7 CLEAR STEPS to take to resolve back pain and keep it away. Just enter your email address below.

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"I wish there was a Coby in every G.P. surgery. The conventional medical fraternity are very poor at diagnosing back pain and sorting it out. We don't assess properly, we just say rest up and give it 6 weeks, when actually rest is the last thing you should do. You should be strengthening those week muscles as the muscles support the spine and ease the pain. Where painkillers have side effects, Coby's treatments don't!"


Resolve Muscular Back Pain in just 6 Weeks!

Back Pain Boot Camp utilises 'The Soothe Method', Coby's unique exercise program that incorporates brain Cortical Remapping, the missing link in back pain resolution.


If you are struggling with the endless search for the right combination of exercises to shift your pain and were looking for a blueprint guide to follow, Back Pain Boot Camp is perfect for you. Combining osteopathic, medical and yoga approaches for the ultimately powerful results you are looking for.


Soothe Arnica Super Cream by Coby Langford is the solution to getting rid of your annoying aches and pains safely and naturally.  

The 100% natural Soothe Fast-Acting Cream includes ingredients known to be powerful anesthetic and anti-inflammatory pain relievers, as well as muscle relaxants and tissue healers.


Extracts from plants such as Wintergreen, Frankincense, Lavender, Rosemary, Bergamot and the incredible tissue-healing Arnica are all combined in exact specifications to bring maximum relief, quickly and harmlessly.

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