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  • Back Pain Bootcamp

    6 Week Online Course To Beat Muscular Back Pain and Spasms
    • Finally gain control of your back pain
    • Re-program your brain to recruit the CORRECT MUSCLES
    • Feel your muscles melt like ice cream
    • Stop back spasms in 6 weeks
    • Knowledge pack: Free yourself from confusion and fear
Melanie, April 2018

"It's not too much of an exaggeration to say this program is changing my life..... I feel in control and not fearful of back spasm. It feels so empowering to be able to do something positive that works when all other avenues fail."


Coby's Personal Promise:

"You're either 100% thrilled with the results you get within 10 days, or I don't want your money. Send 1 email and you'll get a prompt refund. No forms to fill out, and no hoops to jump through. As simple as that"

The 7 Secrets Video Series
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7 in-depth videos giving you everything you need to know about resolving back pain


Coby's Back Pain 1st Aid Kit

7 Award-winning videos for dealing with back pain FAST

  • M.E.T. Stretches: Activate the relaxation response in your muscles and feel them melt like ice cream

  • Core Activation: Re-program your brain to recruit the CORRECT muscles, switching off your pain signals

  • Ultimate Strengthening: Successfully strengthen your muscles so you can live free from fear of spasm

  • Relaxation Activation:  Trigger your relaxation response and gain complete control of your pain

  • Knowledge pack: Free yourself from the wasted time spent following bad advice by becoming a Back Pain Boss

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