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Meet Jack

Sometimes pain relief isn't as difficult as you might think! Here at Soothe we are constantly creating new ways to help you achieve the best pain free version of your life that we can...

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Back Pain Bootcamp Launches

Hi Peeps, So after many years of being pestered to create a video program for back pain, I finally got around to it! And here it is - Back Pain Bootcamp! Its a 6 week video program that you can…

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Magic Magnesium for back pain

Chronic back pain is often just chronic muscle tension. Tight muscles hurt. Its as simple as that. There are so many reasons for muscles to be tight, and figuring out why your muscles are tight is an absolute essential key to…

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What does an Osteopath do?

Many people email in or call me and have questions about what osteopaths do and how we can help. Here's a few of the most recent questions we’ve received: Q: What exactly happens when I visit an osteopath? At your…

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