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leg pain

The Case Of The Mystery Leg Pain

Janine arrived in my clinic complaining that the lift was a pre-war monstrosity and terrifying…

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man on ball

The Man Who Hadn’t Sat Down For 20 Years

Somewhere between bathroom mirrors and indoor plants in Ikea, Irfan and I discovered chairs. (Irfan…

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Post-operative neck pain

Post-Operative Pain

After falling head first from the top of his camper van ‘Hercules’* managed to catch…

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The Case Of The Unusual Headache

Men prefer to get lost rather than ask for instructions right? Transfer that attitude to…

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mystery of back pain

Unravelling The Mystery Of Back Pain

For something that causes such a ridiculous number of days off work in the uk,…

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The Whiplash That Wouldn’t Go Away

It’s bad enough having a muppet wallop into the back of your freshly valeted car…

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injured footballer

Back Pain In Footballers – The silent performance killer?

Back pain should not exist in the UK Premiership. 18-30 year old men at peak…

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