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I recently received this testimonial from a lady who followed my 6 weeks exercise program and am sharing it with you to give you inspiration, hope, and motivation. YOU. CAN. DO. IT!

“For many years I have suffered from a back injury which I sustained when I was about 20 years old during a grass skiing fall. I ruptured a disk in my neck at C5/C6. Over the years I have learnt to manage this injury by modifying my posture and my movements.

For many of these years I have also suffered from lower back pain which has come and gone. However, during the past 5 years this back pain has become more constant and more intense. During this time, in the search of a remedy for my lower back pain, I have had so many appointments with health professionals I have lost count. All of them were optimistic they would be able to help me but it turned out that none of them could.

I had many, many appointments with 3 different physiotherapists, an osteopath, Chinese medicine doctor, acupuncturists, masseuses. I tried total rest, various exercise programs, directed meditation for the pain. About a year ago I was advised I would be doing well if I could avoid going down the path of attending a chronic pain clinic.

In January this year I optimistically visited India to do 2 weeks of Ayurvedic massage and treatments but sadly to no avail, I still had constant pain.

In early March this year, thinking I had nothing to lose, I purchased Coby Langford’s 6 week Exercise Program. After 2 weeks of religiously following the program every day, my back had improved noticeably. By the end of the 6 week program my back had gone from chronic pain of 9 out of 10 down to about 3/10.

I have continued doing the stretching program every morning. I can now get out of bed and stand up straight rather than bent over for the first few minutes. I no longer have constant pain. I can now bend over to pick something up off the floor without experiencing pain.

I can now stand up for hours knowing I will not be in a lot of pain for the rest of the day and unable to sleep due to the pain. I no longer have to take medication just to obtain some respite from the pain. I no longer have to pretend I am pain free when I am with my friends (no one likes to hear someone whinging continuously).

Prior to using this program I was becoming seriously concerned about how I would manage moving forward. Being a very active and sporty person this was a huge problem for me. I am just so excited and so, so grateful for this program. It has absolutely given me back my life!”

Anne Zonneveldt
Sydney, Australia

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